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Credit: Renaissance minstrels in Augsburg (1520).  iStock.com/© gameover2012

August 2020

Saturday, August 15, 2020 at 5 PM (PST)

Soo Bin Kwon: Virtual listening party! Hildegard von Bingen's music sung by Soo Bin Kwon

This 20-min online event will consist of Soo Bin describing the project and us listening to some of the recordings together, specifically recordings of Spiritus sanctus vivificans and O quam preciosa, both by Hildegard. All recordings will be released online after this event.

If you had the pleasure of hearing Soo Bin sing Hildegard in concerts by the UCLA Early Music Ensemble, you know that she has a phenomenal voice for Hildegard. FREE.

Go to the Facebook page for the


Ongoing Friday releases

John Eliot Gardiner : Monteverdi and his Constellation: Podcast series

John Eliot Gardiner presents a new podcast series exploring Monteverdi’s role at the centre of seismic shifts and tumultuous advances in all the arts and sciences during the early 1600s, spearheaded by his contemporaries - Galileo, Kepler, Bacon, Shakespeare, Caravaggio and Rubens.Across eight episodes, with the help of specially recorded musical illustrations and a handpicked team of experts, Gardiner guides listeners through an in-depth investigation into the development of the early-modern mind.

The series at a glance

The first three decades of the 17th century saw intellectual ferment bubbling up across Europe, epitomised by a single generation of visionary artists and scientists, all born in the 1560s or ’70s. Galileo, Kepler, and Bacon spearheaded a scientific and philosophical revolution, while Shakespeare, Caravaggio and Rubens made radical innovations in the arts, as did a pioneer group of women creative artists and interpreters. This constellation of game-changers extended the map of human knowledge, overturned traditional views, and helped usher in the modern world. But why do historians routinely overlook their exact contemporary, the composer Claudio Monteverdi, whose contributions were no less ground-breaking. Bringing his work and its historical context to life with the help of specially recorded musical illustrations and a handpicked team of experts, Sir John Eliot Gardiner guides listeners through an in-depth investigation into the causes of this seismic shift and the development of the early-modern mind.

Episode 1: Something in the air

Episode 2: ”The intertrafficke of the minde”

Episode 3: The new art of science

Episode 4: How music catches up

Episode 5: The anatomy of melancholy

Episode 6: “More beautiful than the truth”

Episode 7: Celebrating the self

Episode 8: The window of opportunity closes

The first episode in the series, ‘Something in the air’ is now available to listen to


Subsequent episodes will be released every following Friday.

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